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University of Brighton, United Kingdom


Professor | Author | Researcher

Teresa Dillon is an artist and researcher, whose work explores human and species relations and everyday acts of survival, with a focus on urban sites and the city. This is expressed through performative and site-based installations, rituals, sonic and text-based works, as well as traditional and rogue forms of academic writing and scholarship. Focusing on site-based practices, her work emphasizes infrastructural relationships with techno-civic systems with a leaning towards oral and sonic folklores, local heritages, and subcultural practices. Within this emphasizes is often placed on what is discarded and obsolete, forgotten, broken, unheard or in states of loss and decay. Since 2018, she leads on Repair Acts a practice-based research programme that explores repair, care, maintenance, and healing cultures and practices and in 2013, established Urban Hosts a program of talks and workshops that promotes and provokes alternatives to city living. Her work has been exhibited and published in numerous contexts, exhibitions, galleries and conferences and she currently holds the post of Professor of City Futures at the School of Art and Design, UWE Bristol.

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