Multispecies Speculations and Growing Lexicon

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Publisher: The Just Environment Charitable Trust

Featured Contributors

Arunkumar H.G
Gram Art Project Collective
Vibha Galhotra
Gigi Scaria
Paribartana Mohanty
Ranbir Kaleka & Vir Vikram Singh Kaleka MS
Sahil Naik
Sahej Rahal
Tanmoy Samanta
Sudarshan Shetty
Raqs Media Collective

Rohini Devasher
Rashmi Kaleka
Navjot Altaf
Babu Eshwar Prasad
Parag Kamal Kashinath Tandel
Umesh Singh
Maya KÓVSKAYA & GAO Yanqin
Achia Anzi
Ishan Tankha
Sharbendu De

Rajyashri Goody
Sonia Mehra Chawla
Blaise Joseph
Gopa Roy
Himali Singh Soin
Michael Günzburger
Sujit Mallik
Stella Mayakóvskaya
Prabhakar Pachpute

To think of a planet where all beings have equal rights and agency is to think of sustainable futures. What kinds of ecological, unalienated, more-than-human, and entangled worlds can be made? The online interdisciplinary art project Samtal Jameer, Samtal Jameen (Equal Terrains, Equal Selves) of which this publication is a part, brings together a diverse group of invited participants to elaborate upon what could be a multispecies world. These include thinkers, academics, artists, poets, scientists, activists, and others who are engaging with such an idea. Our broader attempt is also to make accessible and democratize spaces and frameworks to address discussion of key urgent ecological contemporary questions which impact all of us, through engaging with them in an everyday, dialogical way.

For this book, artists and creative practitioners were invited to freely respond to the idea of Multispecies Speculations and Growing Lexicon to re-imagine worlds through texts, images etc. Alongside was an invitation to propose new words, since to imagine new worlds we will need new expressions. These are included in a glossary. This is, however, only to trigger off a larger and hopefully ongoing idea, for this is only a modest beginning.

Multispecies Speculations and Growing Lexicon are published by The Just Environment Charitable Trust