Ecological Historian | Author | Researcher
Vice Chancellor, Krea University, India


Ecological Historian | Author | Researcher
Vice Chancellor

Mahesh Rangarajan is a researcher, author and historian with a special interest in environmental history and colonial history of British and contemporary India. He is a professor of Environmental Studies and History at Ashoka University. He appears frequently on Indian television as a political analyst.

Referenced Content

Environmental Issues in India: A Reader

By Mahesh Rangarajan
ISBN:9788131785287, 8131785289
Page count:600
Publisher:Pearson Longman

This lecture was organised as part of Azim Premji University’s Public Lecture Series. 

About the Talk
How the past shaped our planet has never been more crucial to coming to terms with nature. Drawing on recent research the talk outlines why there is ground for concern as much as hope. History cannot provide easy answers but offers vital clues to help remake our futures.