Himali Singh Soin

Multimedia Artist
India and United Kingdom

Himali Singh Soin


Himali Singh Soin is writer and artist currently who works in between New Delhi and London. Singh Soin’s interdisciplinary work focuses on the nature of identity, environmental issues, and the notion of deep time. She works across film, spoken word, performance, epistolary poetry, animation, music, and embroidery, which allows her to interweave complex concepts and narratives together. Singh Soin has performed and exhibited at the Serpentine Galleries, Dhaka Art Summit, Somerset House, Devi Art Foundation, and Performa, and won the India Foundation for the Arts Award, and the Frieze Artist Award.

Referenced Content

The Artist Creating a New Mythology for the North Pole

By Tess Thackara
The New York Times Style Magazine
Inspired by her own journey to the Arctic Circle, Himali Singh Soin upends traditional stories of exploration in her new commission for Frieze.


Himali Singh Soin interview: 'I think beauty can change the world'

By Ben Luke, Evening Standard

Her optimism is inspired partly by poetry, the cornerstone of her work: “Language can transcend real life experience and can build new worlds”; it can “imagine another way of being”, she says. You see this transformative conviction in her Frieze film, in a sequence she describes as “an ode to Ovid”, the poet of Roman myths, where her space-suited character “recognises her own alienness in the alienness of the ice … So she transforms into ice.”